Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Blog #7

I'm reading the book Burning Up by: Caroline B Clooney. Part of this book is about racism. Macey has a project for school it's a history project on an event that happened, anything of her choice. She chose a barn that burned down in her town. She soon finds out that the guy who lived their was the only black guy in their town and happened to be the only black male teacher at her school also known as Mr. Sibley. One of his students was the mom of Macey. As she began to research and interrogate people she found out that people hated him and they would bully him, many people treated him very poorly. Parents would even take their children out of the school because they didn't want their kid taught by a colored person. Macey also found out that the barns fire was on purpose because they wanted him gone. This relates to the real world now because people today think of colored people as different. Less then before but racism is still a problem in our world.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Blog #4

"Everything starts to spin again and I feel wooozy and barfy and I'm looking for a place to throw up. I see what looks like a waist-high trash can and I stagger over and make it just in time. I'm not sure how long I stand there hanging on to the trash can and barfing, but the next thing I know, I feel like I really need to use the toilet. And I'm not talking about just taking a little whiz. I mean, it feels like I'm getting full blown diarrhea-full blown. I'm gonna explode diarrhea." Pg.130

I'm reading the book Burmt Orange. It's not full of description, that's why I like this paragraph. It helps me picture what the character is going through. And it helps me better understand my character.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blog post #3

Why is Anika hiding her past from Hakeem?

What is Savon hiding from Hakeem?

Does Savon have anything to do with the robberies in town?

Why is Anika scared of Rasul?

Where is Savon going when he sneaks out every night?